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                    About Us

                    A better way to
                    reach movers.

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                    Who We Are

                    MYMOVE, LLC, owned by Red Ventures, LLC, is a media company with unbeatable technology, data and marketing expertise. We have an exclusive relationship with the USPS? that allows us to connect brands with roughly 39 million movers every year.

                    An Exclusive Partner of the USPS ?

                    We help the USPS? facilitate the official Change of Address process. Through this partnership, we're able to reach millions of movers at the most important point of their move. We help movers get unbeatable savings on products and services they need - and we help brands get in front of the right audience.

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                    25 Years of Experience

                    We have 25 years of experience connecting movers with top brands in retail, entertainment, banking, insurance, telecommunications, home security and more. And we have a talented team of marketers, analysts, engineers, designers and copywriters who get the job done.

                    Meet Our Team

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